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elearnITT (Initial Teacher Training)

What is elearnITT?

elearnITT is our 24-month postgraduate initial teacher training (ITT) programme aimed at individuals who want to train to become a secondary teacher of Maths, Physics, Chemistry or MFL.

It offers high-quality subject knowledge enhancement (SKE) integrated with ITT and blends interactive online learning with in- school experience and other face-to-face learning.

The programme has been developed in partnership with a network of Hub Schools throughout England. All trainees who successfully complete all elements of the programme are awarded Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). Maths, Physics and Chemistry trainees are also given the opportunity to gain the academic award of Postgraduate Certificate in Education* (PGCE) by completing three additional written assignments during the second year.

The aim of the programme is to address shortages of Maths, Physics, Chemistry and MFL teachers in England by providing a more accessible path to becoming a fully qualified secondary school teacher. Our programme is intended to be as flexible as possible so that trainee teachers can fit learning in around existing personal and professional commitments.

It is a national programme delivered locally through a combination of online lectures and tutorials, face-to-face tuition, and school experience organised by HCUK through our national network of Hub Schools. Experienced subject-specific pathway tutors guide and support trainees through the programme. Whether it is online or face-to-face support during the in-school experience, they are on hand to coach trainees and facilitate effective progress towards QTS.

Our elearnITT programme is the only ITT programme to offer integrated SKE as standard. This ensures that our trainees have the right level of knowledge and skill to teach their chosen subject.

*The PGCE option is currently only available to Maths, Physics and Chemistry trainees.

Who should apply?

Motivated individuals who have a passion to teach Maths, Physics, Chemistry or MFL and meet the following entry criteria:

  • Achieved a Grade C or above in GCSE English and Maths (GCSE equivalents will be considered)
  • Hold an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject (or another qualification of equivalent academic standard in a relevant subject)
  • Have undertaken, or have evidence of having arranged to undertake, a minimum of 5 days of secondary classroom experience prior to the programme start date
  • Possess the appropriate qualities, attitudes and values expected of a teacher
  • Have the ability to demonstrate English language proficiency (reading, writing and speaking)
  • Must have undertaken the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks and/or any other appropriate background checks (and such checks must not identify them as being unsuited to working with children)
  • Meet the Secretary of State’s requirements for health and physical capacity to teach
  • Meet The National College for Teaching and Leadership’s financial eligibility criteria in order to be accepted for a publicly funded place on this ITT programme

New one year English PGCE course staring September 2014

Start dates


Subject Programme length Optional PGCE Application Deadline Start Date
Maths, Physics, Chemistry or MFL Up to 24 months Yes 13th June 2014 21st July 2014
Maths, Physics, Chemistry or MFL Up to 24 months Yes 18th July 2014 22nd September 2014
English One year Yes 18th July 2014 22nd September 2014
Maths, Physics, Chemistry or MFL Up to 24 months Yes* 23rd Jan 2015 23rd March 2015


*Our PGCE option is currently under review and subject to final approval for trainees starting in 2015


Why choose elearnITT?

Trainee teachers should choose HCUK’s elearnITT programme because:

  • It is accredited by the NCTL and leads to QTS and a PGCE*
  • It includes an integrated SKE programme as standard
  • It offers flexibility as it is delivered through a blended-learning experience, which incorporates online and on-demand sessions, face-to-face tuition and in-school experience
  • Course materials, lessons and tutorials are available online 24/7
  • It includes three terms or up to 36 weeks of in-school experience during the second year
  • The online elements fit in easily around existing personal and professional commitments
  • All material can be downloaded for use at a time when an Internet connection may not be available
  • Trainees are assigned a personal pathway tutor to support and mentor them throughout the course
  • There are several start dates throughout the year
  • NCTL funding and bursaries are available to eligible trainees

*The PGCE option is currently only available to Maths, Physics and Chemistry trainees.


Online learning
Online learning is delivered via Moodle, an innovative and interactive e-learning platform.

This platform means that trainees can learn in their spare time and fit the online elements of the programme in around existing personal and professional commitments.

Trainees will be issued with login details for Moodle at the start of their course. They can then access course materials, the online library, lessons and tutorials from any Internet-enabled device. This can be done anywhere in the world, at any time, making learning extremely flexible. Maths, Physics and Chemistry trainees will also benefit from access to our partner university’s e-library when completing the PGCE assignments.

All elearnITT trainees are encouraged to attend regular interactive online tutorial sessions, where they can discuss the topics in more detail, ask questions and interact with other trainees. Tutorial sessions are usually held in the early evening and last around one hour. It is important that trainees attend these sessions but it is inevitable that some trainees will not be able to attend every session.

That is why all the sessions are recorded and made available on Moodle, allowing trainees to revisit any missed sessions at their leisure.

Subject-specific pathway tutor
An important part of the delivery of the programme is the use of specialist pathway tutors. Every trainee on the course is appointed a personal pathway tutor, who will mentor them and work with them to draw up and adhere to an agreed learning plan and calendar. These pathway tutors are subject specialists and will also coach the trainee in subject knowledge and teaching-skill development.

In-school experience
An essential part of the delivery of the programme is the in-school experience. All trainees are required to complete three terms (up to 36 weeks) of in-school experience during the second year of the programme. This in-school experience is supplemented with continuing online training and support. Trainees will also be granted regular study leave from school to complete online training and tasks.

We understand that finding school placements can be difficult and that is why our team works closely with a network of schools across England. We help all our trainees to find school placements that are close to where they live (less than 90 minutes travel).

During the in-school experience, trainees will be supported by experienced subject-specific, school-based mentors as well as by their visiting pathway tutors. Individual training plans guide and support the training experience and make links to the online components so trainees can put the knowledge and skills that they have learnt into practice. Pathway tutors make up to nine visits to see each trainee during the in-school experience to observe teaching and support and guide trainees towards QTS.

On-site workshops
Trainees are encouraged to attend a number of on-site workshops and tutorials as part of the blended-learning programme. On-site days will typically take place on a Saturday at one of our Hub Schools. These workshops are designed to further enhance the integration of what is learned online with what is learned in school. They also offer trainees the opportunity to meet their peers and to forge the creation of learning communities, which can prove to be an invaluable source of peer support for online learners, both when online and when in-school.

While trainees are supported throughout the programme by an individually assigned pathway tutor, our programmes do suit individuals who enjoy being independent learners, who value the flexibility and accessibility to manage their own learning at a pace that suits them.

Assessment strategy

HCUK’s assessment strategy is based on a formative (self-reflective) assessment. Trainees are continually assessed with a final summative assessment based on a portfolio of tasks undertaken over the period of the course. This assessment strategy is designed to evidence whether the trainee has met the Teachers’ Standards. The assessment process includes end-of-session tasks and reflections, peer review of learning activities, and evaluating the impact of the trainees’ teaching on pupils’ progress.

Trainees will be continuously assessed by their individually assigned pathway tutor, who will monitor end-of-session tasks, self-assessment grids, Learning Diary entries and other contributions.

During the in-school experience, trainees will be assessed continually by their school-based mentors, senior school managers and pathway tutor to ensure they make effective progress towards achieving the Teachers’ Standards.

Trainees who opt in to the PGCE will be required to complete three supplementary written assignments during the second year. These assignments are in addition to the other elements of the programme.

The pathway tutor, in conjunction with the programme director, will be responsible for monitoring, assessing and reporting on each trainee’s progress and performance periodically throughout the duration of the elearnITT course, as well as more formally at the end of the course.

Programme outcomes

Programme outcomes Our elearnITT programme helps trainees to gain:

  • Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)
  • A Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)* – Maths, Physics and Chemistry trainees have the option to complete three additional written assignments for the award of PGCE
  • Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of their chosen subject and the specialist pedagogy associated with that subject
  • Wide-ranging knowledge and understanding of professional skills including a strong focus on national priorities (such as behaviour for learning)
  • Confidence in teaching their chosen subject to secondary school pupils aged 11-16 years
  • The qualities to become an outstanding teacher
  • Awareness of the criteria Ofsted uses to judge outstanding teaching
  • Experience of action research and evaluating the impact of this on pupil progress to help career progression and increase pay
  • Ideas and activities for use in the classroom
  • Three terms or up to 36 weeks of in-school experience
  • The ability to reflect critically and think on their feet
  • Confidence using new technologies

*MFL trainees are currently only eligible for the award of QTS and cannot opt in to the PGCE elements of the elearnITT programme.

ITT bursary 

Most home/EU trainees will be eligible to receive a tax-free training bursary from the NCTL. The bursary will be paid directly to the trainee by HCUK in monthly instalments over the period of their chosen programme.

The amount of bursary that a trainee receives is based on individual circumstances. Usually, the bursary amount is calculated on the trainee’s chosen subject, the level of their degree qualification and the amount of SKE included in their elearnITT programme.

The figures below are based on a trainee undertaking a full elearnITT programme starting during academic year 2013/14, providing a 16-unit (32 weeks) or 12-unit (24 weeks) SKE programme, as well as ITT. A trainee will only receive the maximum training bursary if they complete the programme in its entirety.

Degree class Subject ITT bursary SKE bursary Total 22 monthly instalments(rounded)
Trainees with a First Class degree from a UK university or equivalent Maths, Physics or Chemistry(32 week SKE) £20,000 £6,400 £26,400 £1,200
Trainees with a First Class degree from a UK university or equivalent French, German or Spanish(24 week SKE) £20,000 £4,800 £24,800 £1,127
Trainees with a 2:1 degree from a UK university or equivalent Maths, Physics or Chemistry(32 weeks SKE) £15,000 £6,400 £21,400 £973
Trainees with a 2:1 degree from a UK university or equivalent French, German or Spanish(24 week SKE) £15,000 £4,800 £19,800 £900
Trainees with a 2:2 degree from a UK university or equivalent Maths, Physics or Chemistry(32 week SKE) £12,000 £6,400 £18,400 £836
Trainees with a 2:2 degree from a UK university or equivalent French, German or Spanish(24 week SKE) £12,000 £4,800 £16,800 £763

SKE bursary

As part of the elearnITT programme, trainees may be able to access an SKE bursary of up to £6,400 (depending on the length of the SKE course). HCUK is responsible for requesting this funding on the trainee’s behalf and, if successful, the SKE bursary will be added to the trainee’s ITT bursary and paid to the trainee in equal monthly instalments by HCUK as outlined on page 12.

The SKE bursary will vary depending on the length of the SKE programme. Most Maths, Physics and Chemistry trainees will complete 32 weeks of SKE. Most French, German and Spanish trainees will complete 24 weeks of SKE.

Tuition fees

The table below outlines the elearnITT tuition fees for home/EU trainees who meet the entry criteria. Trainees may choose to use their NCTL bursary to cover some or all of their elearnITT tuition fees.

Programme type Payment type Non-refundable deposits(payable at the start of each academic year) Tuition fees per year (including deposits) Total tuition fees payable (full two-year programme)
elearnITT with PGCE(two-year programme) Instalments £520 £5,200 £10,400*
In advance £495 £4,950 £9,900*
elearnITT without PGCE(two-year programme) Instalments £520 £4,950 £9,900*
In advance £495 £4,700 £9,400*


*Please note that the fees outlined above are based on HCUK successfully accessing SKE funding for the trainee from the NCTL to cover the full cost of the integrated SKE programme. If SKE funding is not available additional fees may apply.

Trainees who pay their tuition fees in advance at the start of the academic year will receive a tuition fee discount totalling £500. All elearnITT trainees will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit at the beginning of each academic year.

Trainees who opt to pay their tuition fees in instalments will be required to pay the non-refundable deposit at the beginning of each academic year followed by 10 equal monthly instalments totalling the amount highlighted in the tuition fees per year column above.

Loans and Grants
Home/EU trainees may be able to apply for a tuition fee loan and/or a living cost loan or grant through the Student Loans Company to help with costs associated with the programme.

Please note that all NCTL funding and bursaries are subject to conditions and are not guaranteed. For details, visit www.education.gov.uk/get-into-teaching.

How to apply

You can apply for a Maths, Physics, Chemistry or MFL elearnITT programme by:

Selection process
Applicants who are successful at the initial application stage will be invited to attend Stage 2, a selection event, which will normally be held at our London office and/or one of our local Hub Schools.

As part of the selection event, applicants are required to undertake four specific activities. Applicants will be rated and assessed by the selection panel throughout this process.

The four activities currently forming part of the interview process are as follows:
1. A reading and comprehension activity
2. A 30-minute individual interview
3. A 5-minute lesson presentation
4. An observed class activity

Applicants may also be asked to take a subject knowledge test to assess their existing subject knowledge levels.


“The distance learning aspect is a really positive part of the course. It’s demanding, it’s interesting, and I think that it appeals to someone who is self-motivated. It works brilliantly to be honest.

“Once you get used to it – the idea that you can log on, do a module at a time, and go back to it when it suits you – it’s very good.” Harry

“The online tutorials are set up a bit like an Internet chat room. A tutor talks us through a topic, and you are able to speak and interact with everyone present – the technology is impressive.

“Feedback is provided very quickly, and you are always able to drop a tutor an e-mail knowing that they will provide you with a quick response.” Alex

“elearnITT has given me the flexibility to spend time with my daughter and develop the teaching career I have always wanted. The option to study in any location and at any time means that I can easily complete my teacher training and spend time with my family.” Claire

Hub Schools

In order to successfully deliver the elearnITT programme, Hibernia College has created a unique partnership and developed a national network of high performing and experienced schools located across England. These “Hub Schools” work closely with Hibernia College in order to maximise the quality of the support for trainees, particularly during their time in school. This partnership ensures that trainees experience an integrated programme in which their online training and school-based experience complement each other effectively. Each Hub School is also part of a local cluster of several schools. These clusters include a range of schools including special education schools, further education colleges, faith schools and non-faith schools so as to offer a wide range of experience to trainees.

You can see the location of all our Hub Schools on the map below, or scroll down to see the full list.

View Hub Schools in a larger map

Hub school details:

Aylesbury High School
Walton Road
HP21 7SX

Barr Beacon School
Old Hall Lane
West Midlands

Bishop Challoner Catholic College
Institute Road
Kings Heath
B14 7EG

Bishop Rawstorne C of E Academy
Highfield Road
PR26 9HH

The Chalfonts Community College
Narcot Lane
Gerrards Cross

Chatham Grammar School for Boys
Maidstone Road

Cheadle Hulme High School
Woods Lane
Cheadle Hulme

Davenant Foundation School
Chester Road
IG10 2LD

Haybridge High School and Sixth Form
Brake Lane
West Midlands

Northfield School and Sports College
Thames Road
TS22 5EG

Outwood Grange Academy
Potovens Lane
West Yorkshire

Perry Beeches School
Beeches Road
West Midlands
B42 2PY

St Thomas More Catholic School
Croftdale Road
Blaydon on Tyne
Tyne and Wear
NE21 4BQ

Sir Bernard Lovell School
North Street
Oldland Common
BS30 8TS

The Stourport High School & VIth Form Centre
Minster Road
Stourport on Severn
DY13 8AX

Tuxford School
Marnham Road
NG22 0JH

Tuxford Academy are the lead school for Trent Valley Teaching School Alliance. More information is available at www.TVTSA.co.uk

Woodchurch High School
Carr Bridge Road
CH49 7NG

Woodlands School
Takely End
SS16 5BA

For more information download our 2013/ 2014 elearnITT factsheet or prospectus.

Click here to download our elearnITT factsheet

Click here to download our elearnITT prospectus

HCUK partner school events

Date Time School Location Register
13th February 2014 6pm – 8pm Bishop Challoner Catholic College Institute Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham, B14 7EG CLICK HERE
13th March 2014 4pm – 8.30 pm St. Gregory’s Catholic School Reynold’s Lane, Tunbridge Wells, TN4 9XL CLICK HERE
5th June 2014 TBC Kingshurst CTC Academy Cooks Lane, Kingshurst, Birmingham, B37 6NU CLICK HERE
5th June 2014 TBC Bishop Challoner Catholic College Institute Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham, B14 7EG CLICK HERE


Information and Recruitment events


Train to Teach Events 2014

8 February Manchester 0930 – 1700, Museum of Science & Industry, Liverpool Road, Manchester, M3 4FP
1 March London 0930 – 1700, Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, Broad Sanctuary, London, SW1P 3EE
8 March Bristol 0930 – 1700, At-Bristol, Anchor Road, Harbour side, Bristol, BS1 5DB
15 March Birmingham 0930 – 1700, The ICC, Broad Street, Birmingham, B1 2EA

Sample Lessons

Click below to see a sample Chemistry Subject Knowledge Enhancement lesson:

Sample Chemistry SKE Lesson

Click below to see a sample Maths Subject Knowledge Enhancement lesson:

Sample Maths SKE Lesson

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