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Established Leader

Hibernia College is an established leader in pioneering new education technologies and embracing change in the ever-evolving world of education.

Founded by Sean Rowland PhD at the turn of the new millennium, Hibernia College follows an ambitious and forward-thinking strategy in order to play a leading role in education for the future. Dr Rowland brought together his colleagues from the corporate, education and technology communities to create Hibernia College, Ireland’s first accredited online third-level institution.

Online education model

Hibernia College has developed a model of online education that is successful because it is dedicated to helping professionals meet their current work challenges and by continually building on the interactions of students and faculty.

We educate professionals around the world who want access to the very best online education available.

College Crest

Hibernia College expresses itself proudly through the College crest, an Bradán Feasa (the Salmon of Knowledge*). Dr Seán M. Rowland, the College founder, designed the crest with Dr Karole Schafer Mourek and Anthony Mourek.

The crest shows the Salmon of Knowledge leaping over the water with the word ‘Eolas’ (knowledge) written underneath in Ogham, an ancient script strongly associated with Ireland.

The Salmon of Knowledge and the Ogham writing represent our commitment to teaching and learning of the highest standard, as well as the respect the College has for the history and rich heritage of Ireland.

*To read about the Salmon of Knowledge, click here.

Úsáideann Coláiste Hibernia an Bradán Feasa**, suaitheantas an Choláiste, mar shiombail bhródúil chun ár bhféiniúlacht a léiriú. Is é an Dr Seán M. Rowland, bunaitheoir an Choláiste, a dhear an suaitheantas seo i gcomhar leis an Dr Karole Schafer Mourek agus Anthony Mourek.

Sa suaitheantas, tá an Bradán Feasa le feiceáil ag léim os cionn an uisce, agus an focal ‘Eolas’ scríofa faoina bhun in Ogham, cló ársa a bhfuil gaol an-láidir aige le hÉirinn.

Is léiriú é an Bradán Feasa agus an scríbhneoireacht seo ar ár dtiomantas do na caighdeáin is airde teagaisc agus foghlama, mar aon le meas an Choláiste ar stair agus ar dhúchas saibhir na hÉireann.

**Chun níos mó a léamh faoi scéal an Bhradáin Feasa, cliceáil anseo.


Hibernia College was awarded the Erasmus+ Charter in October 2016.

View our Erasmus Policy Statement here.

Awards and Recognition

  • The Education Awards ‘Best Use of Educational Technology/ICT Initiative of the Year’ 2022

    Public Sector Magazine Award ‘Excellence in Primary Education’ 2020 

    Digital Media Awards Finalist ‘Best in Digital Learning’ 2016 

    Eircom Spider Award e-Learning and Education 2013 

    UK e-Learning Awards Gold and Bronze 2010 

    Selected to partner with five UK universities to solve the shortages of Science and Mathematics teachers in England in 2010 

    UK e-Learning Awards Silver and Bronze 2009 

    Irish Entrepreneur Magazine ‘Hibernia College founder Dr Seán Rowland named one of the 100 greatest self-made Irish entrepreneurs’ 2009 

    Endorsed by Becta as an exemplar of ‘next education learning’ winning in 2009 

    UK e-Learning Awards Silver 2008 

    Hibernia College founder Dr Seán Rowland named ‘Ernst & Young Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year 2008 

    Digital Media Awards ‘Best e-Learning Company’ 2007 

The Hibernia College Quality Framework

The Hibernia College Quality Framework reflects the College’s ongoing commitment to international best practice through a range of mechanisms that seek to continually monitor, review and enhance our programmes and our College.

The Quality Framework is regularly reviewed for its effectiveness. Input from key stakeholders such as students, staff, employers and faculty is an important dimension of our Framework. This ongoing involvement of all internal and external stakeholders is emphasised throughout the policy and procedure documents.

In line with the College’s commitment to quality, the Hibernia College Framework has its own dedicated website.


Sectoral Engagement

Hibernia College is committed to engaging in the wider Higher Education community. Recent engagements, at sectoral level, include:

  • National Forum for Teaching and Learning
  • HECA’s Academic Quality Enhancement Forum
  • National Academic Integrity Network
  • National Forum digital badge re-development working groups

The College also actively contributes and engages with public consultations and sectoral research including contributions to:

AHEAD Charter

Hibernia College fully adopts the AHEAD Charter for Inclusive Teaching and Learning. In line with the Charter, the College’s quality assurance procedures incorporate the voice, and reflect the requirements, of all students including students with disabilities and those from other minority groups.  The College actively encourages feedback and welcomes any recommendations and suggestions for further enhancement in this regard.


Hibernia College has approval, under s.65 (4) (b) of the Qualifications and Quality Assurance (Education and Training) Act 2012, to offer students Learner Protection Insurance. Learner Protection Insurance is only in place when each student receives their insurance policy. Each learner should ensure that they receive a Learner Protection Insurance Policy in their name. Learner Protection Insurance is provided by Arachas and underwritten by Hiscox Insurance Company Limited. The Learner Protection Policy provides for a refund of fees as specified in the 2012 Act. In some circumstances, it may be possible for a learner to transfer to a similar programme in another provider. In such circumstances, the learner may opt to receive the cost of an alternative similar academic programme. Transfer to another programme is always only a second option. The Learner Protection Insurance Policy is governed by s.65 (4) (b) of the Qualifications and Quality Assurance (Education and Training) Act 2012.

For more details, click here

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