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July 12, 2016

At the half-way point in the PME in Primary Education Programme - Aimee Ward

As a student of the September 2015 cohort in the PME in primary education programme, I am delighted to say that I am nearly halfway through the two-year course. This has been the quickest year or so of my educational life. They say time flies when you’re having fun?! I firmly believe that choosing a career and area of specialisation makes studying so much easier. I wouldn’t think that the year would have been so quick had I chosen a field of study unrelated to my life and interests.

At the moment I am focusing on my dissertation proposal, the upcoming Irish exam and pedagogy three. I am also excited as this coming weekend I am going to the Gaeltacht to spend two weeks immersing myself into the Irish language, culture and to relive my youth (where I spent nearly every summer). I am proud to speak the Irish language and to be part of the small percentage keeping the language alive, it excites me for my future teaching career.

I have also just completed my first School Placement which was a relatively quick six weeks and I finished with a positive and enriched experience. I always find that whatever you put into something- you will get out and cliché as it sounds, it is definitely true. I have learned to write copious amounts of lists as the feeling of ticking off something once you have completed it, is one of great satisfaction. Writing lists is also a great way of keeping track of your goals and priorities. I am looking forward to beginning year two, with my diary already filled with important dates and a clear vision of my personal goals set. For now, it is time to pack for the Gaeltacht and think about my dissertation proposal.

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