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September 20, 2016

Meet the Horgan twins who have just commenced the PME in Primary Education

Our names are Merissa and Sorcha Horgan, and we are 22 years old. We are University College Cork graduates of the Early Years and Childhood Studies course, and we are now embarking on our Professional Master of Education in Primary Education adventure. We are students of the September ’16 PME in Primary Education cohort, and as you might have guessed, we are twins. From Pre-school to University we have always been in the same class. Some people find this hard to believe, but growing up having the same friends and interests and being together for most of the day is the norm for us.

People say we are incredibly lucky to have each other when it comes to studying and completing work but don’t be fooled by this; in recent years studying in different rooms has become the routine. If we were to study together no doubt, an hour into the study, we would still be laughing and joking which would put a stop to the work. On the other hand, we are very grateful to have each other for support and as motivators to get the work done.


Application Process

Our Hibernia College journey started in April 2016 with the application process. After a long and stressful couple of weeks studying for our final year exams, the thought of having to fill out the application form for a Master’s degree was rather daunting. Nevertheless, this feeling was quickly diminished as we were put at ease by the assistance we received from the friendly staff at Hibernia College.

Within a month of submitting our applications we had our interviews completed and had received our acceptance emails (which we received while lying on a beach in sunny Spain – Bliss!)

The Big Day

The summer went by and before we knew it we found ourselves sitting in a very large lecture hall for Orientation Day– Oh the nerves! The day was broken up by many warm welcomes from approachable lecturers. These included programme director Mary Kelly, Founder Dr Sean Rowland and our bubbly tutor Dr Aoife O’ Brien, to name but a few! It was a joy to hear from 2016 graduate, Cliona Frost, as she gave an honest account of her experience at Hibernia College and the key to her success. Being yourself and bringing something unique to the profession was the focus of the day.

In the afternoon, we were divided into our regional groups, being Cork natives, we were delighted to be placed in the Cork B Group. Our tutor Aoife led the session as we focused on mindfulness and looking after ourselves. Each student from our class had the opportunity to introduce themselves and tell us where they are from and what they studied or what they did before they decided to apply for the course - we have a tremendously talented class! The serious chats were well and truly over as we started playing icebreaker games and found ourselves frantically running around the classroom (what a laugh!). We finished up by giving out our phone numbers to start up a WhatsApp group. Even at this early stage, this WhatsApp group is proving to be a very effective medium and an excellent way to get to know our fellow peers. It’s reassuring to know you are not the only one panicking. (LOL)


As we enter week three of lectures, we find the tips and information we received at orientation to be of great use as we try to find our feet. Our experience at Hibernia College has been a positive one so far and we looking forward to what lies ahead.

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