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June 21, 2016

Meet our first Alumni Association President - Andrew Whelan

On June 2nd 2016, Hibernia College launched its Alumni Association, a full ten years after I graduated from the HDAPE myself. Since then, I’ve pursued my career as a Primary School teacher where I followed a passion for supporting the development of my young learners as readers. That interest and passion led me to the point where I was fortunate enough to receive a Ph.D. scholarship from Hibernia.

I find myself in a fairly unique position, in that I’m going through Hibernia College for the second time, so I’m both an alumni and a current student. I’m guessing this might be why I was approached to represent the inaugural Hibernia College Alumni Association as President. It’s a position I’m really proud to be in, because I strongly believe in maintaining the inseparable connection that we all have to Hibernia College as graduates. Being a member of an Alumni Association means that we have the opportunity to maintain the teacher peer networks that are vital for a healthy school, home and social lives.

I’m really looking forward to making contact with my classmates from my cohort again and finding out what they’re up to. If you’re curious to know where your classmates are now, or would like to expand your professional network, or even help support our current students, I would definitely encourage you to sign up the Hibernia College Alumni Association.  Click here for more information.

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