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August 23, 2016

Post-Primary Student Siobhan Daly reflects on reaching the halfway point of her PME.

“At this point, you’re halfway through your course…”

Certainly, that phrase is one of the most common phrases heard at onsites. As a member of the September 2015 cohort, I need little reminding that I only have eleven months officially remaining as a Hibernia student. Time is flying! However, I have a few mountains to climb first- starting with my second placement next month. I am certainly most excited to begin - it will be my first time teaching in a mixed school so I can’t wait to see how I get on! As I have mentioned in my previous blog post, microteaching assessments have proved to be entirely useful in prepping for my approaching placement. Inspired with ideas for resources and lessons by my classmates (and physically scarred from purchasing thirty small whiteboards and attempting to carry them all at once) I am looking forward to seeing what my second placement will bring.

Another exciting prospect is researching what to base my thesis on. I am interested in many areas of education, particularly technology, so I am relishing the opportunity to find something suitable for my dissertation. At this point in the programme, all other essays have been completed- meaning that two more placements and a mere thesis stand between myself and graduation!

I cannot believe how much I have accomplished in the past year, although the most significant achievement has been a huge personal improvement in confidence. I am no longer overly apprehensive about the concept of completing another placement in a relatively unfamiliar school- instead, I am looking forward to applying my skills and organising worthwhile and enjoyable lessons for the students. With so many excellent resources suggested by our tutors and fabulous ideas available from other teachers online, I find myself excited to incorporate them into the classroom with hopefully relative success.  A technology based session by Dr Barry Ryan on a recent onsite have proved to be extremely useful at providing our cohort with realistic ideas about incorporating technology into the classroom, so this is certainly something I hope to integrate. As our cohort has naturally varying levels of interest in technology, the session was especially useful for student teachers who may feel apprehensive about technology in the classroom as “beginner” websites were provided.

In the meantime, I will continue preparing for my second placement- I somehow never thought that the “back to school” stationary offers would hold so much interest for myself at the age of 22!

Wish me luck!

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