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May 12, 2016

Teachmeet Froebel - Damien Lonergan

On 21st April, I presented at Teachmeet Froebel and it was an amazing experience. I was delighted to be able to present at the University of Maynooth. This Teachmeet was organised in order to benefit their Primary School student teachers by providing them with different ideas for them to use in the classroom. It was great to hear from so many innovative Primary School teachers in relation to using technology in the classroom. They spoke about using app technologies, online resources and social media to benefit the experience of the student in the classroom. Additionally, presenters spoke about using Skype and programmes like "Audacity" to get more students to interact  with whatever is being taught during the lesson.

As a teacher, it is so important to attend events like these because it means that you can connect with different teachers who share a similar interest to you. It ultimately helps you provide a better learning experience for the students in the classroom. My presentation in relation to eTwinning was well received which resulted in many more questions about eTwinning. The representative from Leargas at the event spoke about the "European day of languages" competition and how the presenters at the event could get involved. I managed to make many connections at this event which will assist me in the future. I would not have been able to do this without Hibernia College. I am looking forward to using what I have learned from this event in the classroom and seeing how it will affect my future students.

If you use the hashtag #tmfroebel on Twitter, you will be able see everything that was tweeted from the event.

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