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November 28, 2016

‘’Two months in and it's getting busy!’’ -Donnchadha Reid, Post Primary Student

My name is Donnchadha and I am part of the September 2016 cohort for the Professional Master of Education in Post Primary Education programme. I am 26 years old and after many years of consideration, I have decided to finally take the first step to becoming a teacher.

This was a decision which was very tough for me, I have a very stable job which I enjoy. It is challenging, tough at times but most of all rewarding in terms of development. However, the bug for teaching never went away so in early summer 2016 I decided to finally chase the teaching profession full on.

Once through the application and interview process, I have found the settling in period one which has been very smooth whilst also being extremely busy. At our orientation day, I recall numerous occasions being told that this is a very demanding course, but achievable once you stay focused and keep on top of your work. This is a piece of advice I would encourage anyone considering taking up a place in Hibernia College to take note of.

I work full time, usually 8:30am to 6pm and then rush home to listen to webinars and then eventually make something to eat and try get an hour or two of the weekly course work completed. In the midst of all of this, I have also been trying to find a school for my teaching placements. After some frustration, I now finally seem to have secured my SEPP 1, 2 and 3.

I thought I could relax somewhat but we are currently looming on the deadline for our first assignment in Core Teaching Methodologies. The assignment is extremely challenging, however it is clear that once you grasp the concept that it is going to be hugely beneficial whilst out on placement. Before we know it, we will be physically standing at the front of a classroom as the teacher and not the student. What a different viewpoint this will be!

I would encourage anybody planning to enrol with Hibernia College to start your journey now, get your application moving, update a few bits and pieces on your application each week and make up a CV to send to schools. I would recommend starting with your previous school as there is a lot of competition for places, but we will all get there and the Hibernia College staff will assist you as best they can. So remember, it is never too early to get the ball rolling!

My experience at Hibernia College has been brilliant so far and I am really enjoying the challenge. As we were told in our orientation day, we are the future teachers of Ireland and it is our responsibility to create a positive environment for all students to love learning. I for one, am looking forward to what lies ahead and getting into a classroom as a GST!


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