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Ongoing Communication

Hibernia college is following  all HSE guidance, and the College is  operating as normally as possible, with staff working remotely.

We are monitoring the situation closely and we will continue to provide as much advice, care and support to you all.

Ongoing communication:  As we are in an  evolving situation, once we have additional information, updates will be communicated here, to your email and on your MyHelms Noticeboard.

COVID-19 Contingency Plan 

Hibernia College is in close contact with all stakeholders as it develops ongoing contingency plans in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and associated restrictions. This includes consultation with the Teaching Council, the Department of Education and Skills (DES) and Quality and Qualifications Ireland. Detailed contingency plans have been approved by the College Academic Board, in consultation with students, faculty and administrative staff.

A summary of the current plan can be found below. Specific details of contingencies are dependent on the programme and cohort in question and will continue to be communicated to the relevant students.

  • Student Orientation programmes and face to face days are now delivered fully online, supported by the existing College approach to blended learning.
  • Oral Irish examinations are now delivered online. Guidelines for students and staff have been developed to support this approach and to maintain exam integrity.
  • A synchronous online examination is undertaken in lieu of written Irish examinations.
  • Some timetable adjustments have been made to maximise learning opportunities for students.
  • Certain research project submission dates have been revised, to address data collection challenges faced by students. In some cohorts, students have adopted a desk-based approach to research.
  • Gaeltacht attendance requirements have been postponed or removed in line with the directions of the DES.

Hibernia College continues to plan for school placement in line with current Teaching Council policy, mindful that the health and safety of all involved in school placement is the number one priority. Potential contingencies for the period Sept-Dec 2020 include:

  • In the event that school placement cannot be assessed in the traditional face-to-face way, the College will continue to consider a range of alternative assessment modes.
  • Should schools need to close again, it may be necessary for student teachers to complete placement in and across a variety of sites. Hibernia College will support and recognise all sites of teaching and learning.



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19th August 


For updated plan see above.


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COVID-19 (coronavirus): Further information

Please consult the links below for infection prevention and control guidance for COVID-19:

Please visit the HSE Coronavirus COVID-19 website. This is the primary guidance to the University and the public, and includes information on:

  • How to protect yourself and others
  • What to do you have been in an affected area
  • At-risk groups and coronavirus
  • Self-isolation and limited social interaction


Please visit the Department of Education and Skills website  All information and updates in relation to Covid-19 and schools can be found here.  As this is an evolving situation the health advice is being updated on a daily basis as the Department of Education and Skills and Department of Health continue to work closely together on this issue.