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Ann Murray

Lecturer in Education


01 7999 273

Block B, Merrion Centre, Merrion Road, Dublin 4


BA in Physical Education
Masters in Education
BA in Management
Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Behavioural Analysis


School of Education


Ann Murray is a Lecturer in Education at Hibernia College.  She brings to this role a wealth of practical experience working with students, teachers, school leaders and a range of educational/clinical specialists.

For more than two decades, Ann has contributed actively to the development of innovative practices in primary and post primary schools and classrooms in Ireland.  In her work with the National Behavior Support Service Ann had the opportunity on a national basis to evolve the groundwork she had established in her own school for building and implementing school-wide systems, structures and strategies to promote positive behaviour for learning.  This work also encompassed planning, providing and supporting the continued professional development of teachers in both primary and post-primary schools, including the on-going facilitation of teachers’ communities of practice.

Ann holds a BA in Physical Education/Geography (University of Limerick) and a Masters in Education from Dublin City University.  She was awarded a BA in Management from the Institute of Public Administration and a Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Behavioural Analysis from Trinity College.

Research Interests

Through her professional practice and on-going academic endeavours, Ann has acquired a firm theoretical grounding in pedagogical models, special needs education, behaviour, inclusion and the impact of socio-economic disadvantage on educational outcomes.