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Dr Catherine Mulwa

Programme Director & Lecturer

PG Dip (Science) in Business Data Analytics
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Block B, Merrion Centre
Merrion Road
Dublin 4
D04 H2H4


BSc Hons in Computer Science
Postgraduate Diploma in Third Level Learning and Teaching
MSc in Computing & Knowledge Management
PhD in Computer Science (Cognitive Systems and Prediction)


Dr Catherine Mulwa is Programme Director of and a lecturer on the Postgraduate Diploma in Science in Business Data Analytics at Hibernia College. Dr Mulwa has a PhD in Computer Science from Trinity College Dublin and an MSc in Computing (Information & Knowledge Engineering) and a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science from Technological University Dublin. As part of her pedagogical career development, she earned a Postgraduate Diploma in Third-Level Learning and Teaching and a certification in Academic Practice and E-Learning. She has over 12 years of experience teaching on a variety of computer science programmes in third-level institutions in Ireland and 14 years of research experience. Her main responsibilities include lecturing both in postgraduate and undergraduate programmes (i.e. MSc in Data Analytics, Cloud Computing and Cyber Security and Information Systems). In addition, Dr Mulwa has been involved in programme reviews, module creation, exam paper writing and grading. She has been an Associate Faculty Lecturer at National College of Ireland since 2010.

Dr Mulwa has successfully supervised to completion 350+ MSc projects in data analytics and cloud computing, 30+ undergraduate projects in computer science (i.e. software engineering, data analytics and Internet of things) and several postgraduate diploma projects in computer science.

Her research focuses on computing education, cognitive and prediction systems (particularly recommender systems), data analytics, technology-enhanced learning, human-computer interaction, personalisation and Web accessibility. Previously, Dr Mulwa was the principal investigator of the ENHANCE project at Dublin City University, Faculty of Engineering and Computing. The project investigated challenges and issues encountered by students with sensory impairments when interacting with educational interfaces of accessibility. Prior to this, she was a post-doctoral researcher in the same institution working with the EAGLE (EnhAnced Government LEarning) project team, which was funded by the EU under FP7.


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