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Dr. Conor Mellon

Lecturer in Education


01 799 9216

Block B, The Merrion Centre, Merrion Road, Dublin 4, D04 H2H4


BA Hons
PGCE (Primary)
PGC (Quantitative Methods)


School of Education


Conor is a Lecturer in Education (Research) in the School of Education at Hibernia College. He spent over a decade as a primary teacher in Dublin, almost exclusively in the field of special and inclusive education. Prior to joining Hibernia, Conor was seconded to the Teachers’ Learning and Research section of the Teaching Council. His work here focused on teachers’ engagement in professional learning and research, with a particular focus on critical reflection. He supported the Council’s CROÍ Research Series, including research webinars, ezines, the Council’s Research Support Framework, and research resources for teachers. Conor has supported researchers on commissioned projects, including longitudinal studies on experiences of school placement, the Droichead induction process, and initial teacher education for inclusion. He has worked extensively with groups of teachers, schools, and other agencies, exploring professional learning practices and engagement in critical reflection, and he has developed a range of resources to support teachers engaging in reflection on learning and practice.

Conor previously taught on undergraduate and postgraduate initial teacher and early childhood education programmes in Ireland (including with Hibernia College), focusing on reflective practice/ leadership, inclusion and diversity, and research methods. He was awarded an INTO research bursary for his doctoral work, exploring discourses around inclusion and ethos in Educate Together schools. His research interests include inclusion and diversity, reflective practice/ reflexivity, and the role of ethos in schools.

Conor is a graduate of NUI Maynooth, Durham University, the University of Ulster, and Queen’s University Belfast, and is a former member of the Central Executive Committee for the Irish Association of Teachers in Special Education.

Research Interests


  • Mellon C. (The Teaching Council) (2018) Common Ground in a Crowded Space: A thematic exploration of national policies for schools and teachers in the context of Cosán: The National Framework for Teachers’ Learning, Stakeholder Briefing for the Cosán Development Process, Clarion Hotel Dublin, Ireland, December 2018.
  •  Mellon C. (The Teaching Council) (2018) Reflecting on Professional Learning: Lessons from Literature and Practice, Cosán Shared Learning Day 2018, Mullingar Park Hotel, Westmeath, Ireland, May 2018.
  • Mellon C. (The Teaching Council) (2018) Reflection: Models, Mindsets and Modes, Instructional Leadership – National Conference 2018, Mount Wolesley Hotel, Carlow, Ireland, October 2018.
  • Mellon C. and Kearns C. (The Teaching Council) (2019) Developing Reflective Cultures in Schools, Standing Conference on Teacher Education North and South (SCOTENS) 2019, Slieve Russell Hotel, Cavan, Ireland, October 2019.



  • Mellon C. (2017) Inclusion in Early Childhood Education: Learning from Theory and Practice, Faculty of Early Childhood, National College of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland, April 2017.
  • Mellon C. and Kearns C. (The Teaching Council) (2017) Cosán: Supporting Teachers’ Professional Learning, Junior Cycle for Teachers National Team Meeting, Mount Wolesley Hotel, Carlow, Ireland, December 2017.
  • Mellon C. (The Teaching Council) (2018) Reflection: Models, Mindsets and Modes, Instructional Leadership for Primary Teachers, Mount Wolesley Hotel, Carlow, Ireland, October 2018.
  • Mellon C. (The Teaching Council) (2018) Critical Reflection in Teacher Research, Learning Schools Project 2018, Springfort Hall Hotel, Cork, Ireland, December 2018.
  • Mellon C. (The Teaching Council) (2019) Teachers’ Professional Learning: Cosán and Critical Reflection, Migrant Teacher Project, Marino Institute of Education, March 2019.
  • Mellon C. (The Teaching Council) (2019) Teachers’ Professional Learning in Ireland – A Snapshot!, International Summer School for Teachers 2019, Centre for Adult Learning and Professional Development NUI Galway, Galway, Ireland, July 2019.
  • Mellon C. and Kearns C. (The Teaching Council) (2019) Developing Critical Reflection in Schools – The Role of Middle Leaders, Summer School on Middle Leadership 2019, Mary Immaculate College Thurles, Tipperary, Ireland, May 2019.
  • Mellon C., Kearns C., and O’Ruairc T. (The Teaching Council) (2019) Cosán: Supporting Teachers’ Professional Learning, Professional Development Support Service for Teachers National Team Meeting, Galway Bay Hotel, Galway, Ireland, May 2019.
  • Mellon C. (2019) Critical Reflection: Building on Professional Learning Experiences, Teaching and Learning for the 21st Century Programme (NUI Maynooth), Laois Education Centre, Portlaoise, Ireland, June 2019.
  • Mellon C. (2019) Developing Critical Reflection: Focusing on Leadership, Faculty of Education, Mary Immaculate College, Limerick, Ireland, October 2019.


Research Webinar Contributions

  • The Teaching Council (2018) Reflective Teaching, Reflective Learning: Continuing the Conversation, The Teaching Council, Maynooth, Ireland, January 2018.
  • Junior Cycle for Teachers (2019) Developing Critical Reflection: Theory and Practice, Junior Cycle for Teachers, Athlone Education Centre, Athlone, Ireland, March 2019.

Online Resources

  • Mellon C., Kearns C. and Brewer C. (The Teaching Council) (2019) Reflecting on Professional Learning: Definitions, Models and Tools, The Teaching Council, Maynooth, Ireland.