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Gillian Berry

Head of Practice Experience in Nursing


01 661 0168

Block B, Merrion Centre, Merrion Road, Dublin 4


HDip CCU Nursing
PGD Infection Prevention and Control
PGC in Clinical Trials Management (Pharmaceutical Medicine)
PGC Medical Affairs (Pharmaceutical Medicine)
Cert in Quality and Safety




Gillian Berry is the Head of Practice Experience for the BSc (Hons) in Nursing in General Nursing at Hibernia College. She is a strategic leader with over 25 years of clinical experience in the acute medical, cardiac, coronary care and infection prevention and control specialties. Most recent roles have been in Education, Practice Development Facilitation and Project Management. With a strong background in Quality, Patient Safety, Patient Advocacy, and healthcare innovation.

Gillian’s role is to liaison between Hibernia College and the Clinical area where the students undertake their clinical placements for the programme. Her remit is to ensure that all students are supported while on placement and to assist those students who seek further help in their clinical learning.

She is a Board member of the EIT Health Innovators Community and Coordinator for UK/Ireland. She founded PerCen Technologies and co-founded an open-source community at the start of the Covid19 Global Pandemic, OSVX Open-Source Volunteers Extended.

She has presented at National and International Conferences and sat on European judging panels as an innovation expert. She is a former national committee member of INCA Irish Nurses Cardiovascular Association and was involved with many European Working groups.