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Dr Kevin Myers

Lecturer in Education


01 661 0168

Block B, Merrion Centre, Merrion Road, Dublin 4




School of Education


Kevin is Lecturer of Education and Research Module Lead on both the Primary and Post-Primary programmes with the School of Education at Hibernia College. Kevin completed his PhD with the School of Sociology in University College Dublin in 2015. He has worked as a senior teaching assistant and lead tutor with both University College Dublin and University College Cork. In 2016 he led a team of leading Irish Sociologists on a ground-breaking pan-European study, Generation What? The project funded by both the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI), the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and the European Parliament. This study, drawing on a collective European sample of over 1.2 million participants, looked to assess the central attitudes of Irish and European Millennials on matters ranging from education inequality to economic and social justice and disadvantage. He is a frequent panellist on media programmes throughout Ireland and the within the wider European Union.


Kevin’s research interests include matters related to religious patronage in schools, phenomenological analysis, grief, meaning and student well-being. Much of Kevin’s published work addresses the impact of structural transformations, along with other long-term processes of social change, within contemporary Irish society. He looks to assess how these historical processes have impacted on questions relating to social and educational inequality, to death, dying and loss. Dr Myers’s also work looks at how these more comprehensive social and cultural transformations may impact on educational approaches and policies related to separation, loss and student grief. Such work is rooted in Kevin’s particular passion for inclusion, LGBTQ+ issues, student mental health awareness, including procedures to enable suicide prevention and the promotion of student well-being for both primary and post-primary students.