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Autism: Promoting Social Communication Skills (Autumn)


This course outlines evidence-based strategies to promote social communication skills for pupils with autism. The course also discusses the management of challenging behaviour, classroom management, collaboration and developing individual education plans (IEPs) for pupils with autism. The course gives a general introduction to autism, leading to an understanding of the difficulties facing pupils with autism on a daily basis. The course also outlines practical strategies and interventions for managing the classroom as well as managing the behaviour, learning and communication skills of pupils with autism. The course goes on to outline and provide teachers with evidence-based strategies to promote the social communication skills of this group of children, including:

  • Visual timetables
  • Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication-handicapped CHildren (TEACCH)
  • Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)
  • Social stories
  • Intensive interaction

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The key topics covered in this course are:

  • Theory and Overview of Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASDs)
  • ASD and Communication
  • Intervention Programmes
  • Evidence-Based Instructional Strategies
  • Collaboration and Generalisation of Skills


The objectives of this course are to:

  • Give teachers a broad, general knowledge of Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASDs)
  • Inform teachers of practical methods of setting up and managing their classroom to promote best learning outcomes
  • Facilitate an understanding of intervention programmes proven to enhance communication skills of pupils with ASDs
  • Provide teachers with a sound knowledge of evidence-based instructional strategies used to support the acquisition and development of social communication skills
  • Emphasise the importance of learning transfer and generalisation of skills to contexts outside the classroom
  • Highlight the necessity of effective collaboration between all those living and working with pupils with ASDs


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