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Enhancing Well-being in the Classroom (Autumn)


This course on Enhancing Well-being in the Classroom, provides teachers with the nature, range and depth of the vocabulary used in relation to wellbeing and how this area is approached both nationally and internationally. Participants on the course are given the opportunity to reflect critically on their professional role in terms of enhancing well-being in the classroom and can discuss, compare and contrast in detail, the different approaches to wellbeing as well as the psychological underpinnings and definitions of the area. This course also provides a variety of resources and frameworks to guide personal and professional reflection and discussion on wellbeing and how it can be implemented across the curriculum through picture books. Through guided discussion on the discussion forum, participants can further explore, share and develop their thinking and understanding of wellbeing, while inputting to the SSE process.

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The key topics of this course are:

  • Introduction to Well-being: International and National Perspectives
  • Grief in the Classroom: Coping with Well-being issues related to Bereavement, Separation and Divorce
  • Bullying in the Classroom – Coping with Well-being issues related to Bullying and Cyber-Bullying
  • Difficult Discussions: Using Picture books to Promote Well-being and Tackle Sensitive Topics
  • Well-being Across The Curriculum


The objectives of this course are to:

  • Compare and contrast the nature and perspectives of well-being in education both nationally and internationally.
  • Allow participants to reflect critically on their professional role in terms of how and where well-being sits in the curriculum and their own practice.
  • The course will focus particularly on:
    • Introduction to Well-being and its role in the Classroom: A national and international perspective
    • Grief in the classroom: bereavement, separation and divorce
    • The psychology behind bullying and cyberbullying
    • Using picture books to talk about difficult topics
    • Well-being across the curriculum: Lesson plans and resources
  • Allow participants to derive a personal and professional understanding of well-being.
  • Outline and describe personal and professional assumptions involved in well-being and how this may affect the whole-school approach taken.


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