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Leadership in Education (Autumn)


This course will broaden and develop the participant’s knowledge of contemporary international theories on educational leadership. Participants on the course will be exposed to models of best practice and analysis required to identify and personalise their own leadership skills. They will develop personal and professional capacities of educational leadership through active reflection and active discussion throughout. This course is suitable for principals and aspiring principals at both primary and post-primary level.


The key topics of this course are:

  • The Language of Leadership
  • Learning-Centred Leadership
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Distributed Leadership
  • Changing Leadership and Sustainable Leadership


The objectives of this course are to:

  • Compare and contrast the nature, range and depth of the vocabulary used in leadership theory
  • Allow participants to reflect critically on their professional role in terms of personal leadership theories in education
  • Compare and contrast the following models of leadership
    • Learning-centred leadership
    • Ethical leadership
    • Distributed leadership
    • Changing leadership
    • Sustainable leadership
  • Allow participants to derive a personal and professional understanding of the claims and merits of each model
  • Outline and describe personal and professional assumptions involved in the validity and merit of each leadership model
  • Explain each leadership model using an established framework of analysis
  • Use this framework of analysis to encourage personal and professional reflection and discussion


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