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Visual Arts: The Visual Arts Curriculum in Action (Autumn)


This course explores the two-dimensional and three-dimensional strands of the Visual Arts curriculum, providing a step-by-step approach to a range of activities for teachers. Planning and assessment of visual arts work in the classroom is also discussed. This course will begin by looking at the many perceived difficulties that teachers often cite as reasons for not implementing the Visual Arts curriculum in its entirety and suggests possible solutions to these.

The course then explores the potential of the two-dimensional strands of the curriculum and suggests a wide range of process-oriented activities in drawing, paint and printmaking for all class levels. The curriculum strands of Clay, Construction and Fabric are explored under the heading of three-dimensional art and a wide variety of process-oriented activities are suggested for all class levels. The potential of the second strand unit of the curriculum, Looking at and responding to art, will then be explored and a step-by-step approach to this aspect of the curriculum will be presented for use at all class levels. The planning of visual arts, both at school and classroom level, is addressed through the design of thematic units of work. Finally, the evaluation and assessment of visual arts work in schools is explored.

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The key topics of this course are:

  • ‘What‘s the Problem?’ –  Practical ways to overcome many of the perceived problems in visual arts education
  • Art in 2D
  • Art in 3D
  • It’s not Art Appreciation! – The difference between art appreciation and a looking and responding programme
  • Planning and Assessing


The objectives of this course are to:

  • Critically examine practice in relation to the key messages of the curriculum
  • Suggest practical solutions to the difficulties  currently encountered in teaching the visual arts
  • Design age-appropriate, process-oriented visual arts experiences for particular class levels in each of the six strands of the Visual Arts curriculum
  • Learn a practical approach to the teaching of, looking at and responding to art strand units of the curriculum
  • Approach the designing of a school plan for visual arts
  • Design theme-based classroom plans
  • Examine how both linkage and integration apply to the Visual Arts curriculum
  • Study the various assessment tools that can be used to assess work in the visual arts.



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