Primary and Post-Primary Masters in Teaching

Application deadline for Autumn 2020: July 8th

Blended learning masters in teaching

The design of the Hibernia College masters in teaching programmes, blending online and face-to-face classes, is ideal for anyone who does not have easy access to one of the traditional education providers or who doesn’t have time to spend commuting to and from lectures daily. It is not a requirement to have prior teaching experience to be eligible to apply.

The Professional Master of Education in Post Primary Education is suited to graduates with a degree in humanities, science or business.
It is required to have an educational background in one of the the following 15 teaching subjects: Accounting, Agricultural Science,Biology, Business, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, English, French, Gaeilge, Geography, German, History, Mathematics, Physics, Politics and Society and Spanish.

The Master of Education in Primary Education was established to encourage all graduates to consider primary teaching as a profession by providing a more flexible route to becoming a fully qualified teacher and it is not a requirement to have prior teaching experience to be eligible to apply for this course.

Post-primary education – Professional Master of Education

The Post Primary or Second Level teaching course is for those passionate in teaching young adults in the ages of 12-18.
As a secondary school teacher, or post primary teacher, your enthusiasm and focus on your subjects is that which will motivate and foster a love of the subject material by students, thereby ensuring that they bring as much learning as possible with them in their future endeavours. As an unknown author once said “Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions.”

Masters in primary education

The Masters in Primary Education – Professional Master of Education in Primary Education is perfect for you if you want to work with children aged 4-12.

Working with younger children is for those passionate people, who understand that teaching can be challenging but also extremely rewarding. Teachers in Primary Education are not only part of the intellectual development of young children, but also play a key role in moral and social development.
As George Lucas once said “Education is the single most important job of the human race”

Due to the structure of the programme, we can only accept graduate students who reside in Ireland during the course.

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