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Denis Cummins

Academic Dean

Denis Cummins is an Irish higher education expert who has held positions of lecturer in Computer Science and senior academic management roles including President/CEO at Dundalk Institute of Technology. In January 2016 he was appointed Academic Dean at Hibernia College, Dublin.

Working collaboratively with regional stakeholders he firmly established DKIT as the number one college destination for school leavers in the North East. As a performance-oriented leader he oversaw the enhancement of the Institute’s standing by improving results, improving its research metrics and increasing interaction with industry. As the “accountable officer” he had a strong ethical awareness and worked closely with DKIT’s Governing Body to foster a culture of accountability and transparency. Given his personal experience as the first member of his family to enter higher education, Denis believes strongly in equity of access to education. During his period as President he introduced scholarships to traveller students, mature students and for sporting achievement.

Holding a National Certificate in Data Processing with Distinction (DkIT), a B.Sc. Computer Systems with first class honours (UL) and a M.Sc. by research (Trinity College Dublin) he has built his successful academic career on his own strong academic record. His experience as a lecturer in Computer Science gave him a love for enquiry-based learning and a thorough understanding of the pedagogical, assessment and academic administration issues that would prepare him well for the senior roles he would later hold.

Denis was appointed President of DKIT in 2006. He led major developments such as the redevelopment of the Carroll Building, the acquisition of DKIT Sport and the establishment of the DCU DKIT Graduate School.

Denis brings a wealth of experience in quality assurance, academic leadership and strategic planning to his role as Academic Dean at Hibernia College.