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Primary Teaching: Is 2023 Your Year?

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Are you hoping to start your Professional Master of Education (PME) in Primary Education with Hibernia College this year? The application deadline for Spring 2023 is coming up on Thursday, 9 February. If you have your documents ready and are prepared to interview, apply now. If you are not ready for Spring 2023, we are also open for Autumn 2023 applications and you can begin your application — 2023 could be the year you realise your dream of primary teaching.

SP23 PME Primary

What Are the Entry Requirements?

Applicants must hold an undergraduate degree at Level 8 or higher on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ), which has an ECTS weighting of at least 180 credits. Applicants must also meet the Department of Education’s minimum Leaving Certificate entry requirements. Read more about the entry requirements.

Which Documents are Required to Apply?

You will be required to upload your official undergraduate transcripts, your Leaving Certificate document from the State Examinations Commission or CAO and a reference.

Spring 2023 applicants must have a reference completed by someone who knows them in a third-level academic or professional capacity (e.g. lecturer, tutor, employer or former employer). You are welcome to use our reference template, which you can find in the online application or official letterhead. Your reference must have be signed, written within 48 months of submission and authenticated with a stamp where available.

Do note that if you have achieved a minimum of 65% (B1) in the Teastas Europach na Gaeilge (oral) (TEG) this will be accepted in lieu of the Irish interview. You will be asked to upload evidence of this to your application.

Be Interview-Ready

The interview is a key component of the PME application. All applicants who have been deemed to have met the entry requirements, submitted a fully completed application form with supporting documentation and paid the application fee will be invited to interview.

The PME in Primary interview consists of a 20-minute general component in English and approximately 10 minutes of an Irish oral component. Read more about what the interview entails and how to prepare in the Interview for the PME in Primary Education blog post.

Schedule Your Interview

Once you submit your fully completed applications with all supporting documentation, you will receive acknowledgment by email. If you are deemed to have met the entry requirements and completed your application, you will be emailed an invitation to book your interview.

Applicants will usually be given a notice period of approximately one week ahead of their allotted interview date and time. If you are not able to attend the interview on the date offered, it is important to communicate this to the Admissions Team at the earliest opportunity. During busy periods or nearing the start date of the programme, it may not be possible to reschedule your interview.

Secure Your Place

Interview to receive your place for Spring 2023. You will be able to reject, accept or postpone your offer for up to one year as long as the entry requirements remain unchanged. Why not secure your place now to become a primary teacher?

Learn more about the PME in Primary application and what you can do to prepare for interview at our final webinar for Spring 2023 on 1 February at 1 PM. Register your attendance for the webinar today.

If you have any queries about the application or the documents required to apply, our Enrolment Advisors are here to help. You can schedule a call for a time most convenient for you.

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