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  • Autism in the Early Years

    Autism in the Early Years


    This Autism in the Early Years CPD course provides teachers with a broad, general knowledge of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in early childhood and an understanding of the difficulties faced by young children with ASD on a daily basis. Participan...

  • Infant Education

    Infant Education: Literacy Across the Curriculum


    This course covers the curricular areas of oral language, reading and writing and the teaching of these core subjects in the Infant classes. It looks at the importance of planning, assessment and creating a positive teaching and learning environme...

  • Autism: Promoting Social Communication Skills (Autumn)


    This course outlines evidence-based strategies to promote social communication skills for pupils with autism. The course also discusses the management of challenging behaviour, classroom management, collaboration and developing individual educatio...

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  • Early Childhood Education

    Early Childhood Education


    This course examines definitions of educational psychology and explores some of the relevant teaching and learning theories that have emerged from psychology. The course identifies the various different stages of communication development in Early...

  • Using the Primary Language Curriculum (2019) (Autumn)


    This Primary Language Curriculum course explores the language curriculum, and its rationale and aims. The key features of the language curriculum are examined in detail and participants are given the opportunity to navigate the curriculum for teac...

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