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00.10 Dr Teresa Whitaker, Programme Director, MATL and PhD Programmes, Hibernia College.
Introduced three teachers who have conducted research.

02.12 Dr Fintan McCutcheon, Hibernia College PhD Supervisor and School Principal.
Fintan’s doctoral research examined educational leadership in a multicultural school and he set out to closely link his research with his day job.
Fintan discussed his approach of using a journal as research tool and how he selected “crucial critical incidences”. Fintan reflected on the elements that allow “teachers as researchers to emerge” in the school setting and identified the “community of practice” as an essential element in giving teachers the opportunity to spot research dilemmas.

09.40 Dr Claire Tuttlebee, PDE graduate and Hibernia tutor.
Claire undertook her research as part of her PDE, and looked at the impact of Project Maths on students with dyslexia. She sought the opinions of other teachers on what were relevant research topics.
Claire compared the different exam papers and found a big increase in the amount of written language used in maths exam papers. She also interviewed teachers about their views on Project Maths.

22.10 Maria Garvey, Hibernia Tutor and Trinity College.
Maria described how her research into the social aspects of schooling showed students who were rejected by peers tended to be absent from schools. She also examined the impact of the “co-operative classroom” on levels of rejection.
Maria highlighted the importance of defining a research question, and used socio-metric testing to identify rejected students, and found a ‘social bonding theory’ useful as a framework for her research.
34.50 Do the speakers have anything to say about the ongoing relationship with higher education academics as partners in their on-going research?
40.12 As teachers who have done research, in comparison with the medical model, which is focused on outcomes, teachers are not so concerned with outcomes but with personal and professional development – can you comment on this?

45.50 Dr Teresa Whitaker thanked speakers.

46.15 Ends