Application Guide Autumn 2024

PME in Primary Education

Please ensure that you meet the entry requirements before starting your application.

If you have further questions, please call our Enrolment Helpline at +353 (0)1 661 0168 (press 2) between 9 AM and 5 PM Monday to Friday.

Do you meet the entry requirements?

NFQ Level 8 degree

You must hold an undergraduate degree at Level 8 or higher on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ). This degree must have an ECTS weighting of at least 180 credits. If you are unsure of the level of your degree, refer to your awarding provider.

Leaving Certificate

Department of Education minimum Leaving Certificate entry requirements

GaeilgeC2 Higher LevelH4
EnglishC2 Ordinary LevelO4
E Higher LevelH7
MathsC2 Ordinary LevelO4
E Higher LevelH7

Do you have your supporting documents?

NFQ Level 8 Transcripts

You are required to upload your official undergraduate transcripts when making your application. Transcripts are a breakdown of the results you received in each module for each year of your degree. They are NOT the certificate/parchment you received on your graduation day. If you do not have your transcripts in your possession, you can re-order them from your awarding institute. For the purposes of applying to our PME in Primary Education, you will only need the FINAL year transcript, including your overall degree result.

If your undergraduate transcripts do not state that your degree is Level 8 (on the NFQ) or above, please refer to your awarding institute to obtain written confirmation of the level awarded.

If you are in the final year of your degree or are scheduled to re-sit your Leaving Certificate this June, you can apply for our Autumn programme pending these results. You should upload transcripts of results for previous years and indicate that you are pending results by recording a ‘P’ in your application, where appropriate. If successful in your application, any offer will be issued on a conditional basis. For further information about conditional offers, please refer to the application terms and conditions.

Leaving Certificate

This transcript must be from the State Examinations Commission (SEC) or the Central Applications Office (CAO). You can order it from

Are your documents in the correct format?

You must scan and upload all your documents in a clear, legible PDF format (one PDF file per document). We cannot accept Word documents, pictures or other formats.

  • If your file size is over 4 MB, you must use a file compressor. To find this tool, do an online search for ‘PDF file compressor’.
  • If you need to merge multiple pages into one document, you must use a file merger. To find this tool, do an online search for ‘PDF file merger’. 

Note: Only documents submitted in the correct PDF format will be reviewed.

What is your level of Gaeilge?

You are encouraged to be fully prepared in advance of the Gaeilge component of the interview. In the Gaeilge component, you are assessed on your communication skills, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension and accuracy.

The best way to improve your level of Gaeilge is to practise the language regularly. Try to find opportunities to speak the language frequently. You should speak the language for at least 30 minutes every day. Remember that Gaeilge is a core subject of the primary curriculum and that a good command of the language is necessary for the teaching profession. Therefore, you should demonstrate a level of Gaeilge whereby you teach the language effectively in the classroom, or a sufficient standard whereby you could reach that level.

A Level 9 standard of Gaeilge is required for the Gaeilge component of the interview, as well as throughout the PME programme.

For more information about the Gaeilge component, please visit the Interview section of the PME in Primary Education page.

If you have achieved a minimum of 65% or a (B1) Teastas Europach na Gaeilge (TEG) (oral), this will be accepted in lieu of the Gaeilge interview. If you have passed the Meánleibhéal 2 (B2), this will be accepted in lieu of the Gaeilge interview and the Leaving Certificate requirement. Please view this example TEG Certificate.

Are you ready to interview?

Once your online application has been reviewed and you are deemed to meet all entry requirements, you will be placed in a queue for an interview. The interview will comprise of a 20-minute general component and approximately 10 minutes of an oral Gaeilge component to determine your language proficiency, including but not limited to conversational fluency including verb usage, vocabulary, grammar and tenses. To improve your language skills, we advise regular practice with the language and completion of a Gaeilge course that will adequately prepare you for the interview.

Before to the interview, you should be speaking Gaeilge conversationally for at least 30 minutes per day. It is also essential to comprehensively prepare for the general component of the interview, including your motivations for becoming a teacher and up-to-date knowledge of teaching in Ireland.

In the general component of the interview, you will be asked about your PME application. Your suitability and motivation for the programme and profession, familiarity with the primary school classroom and curriculum and your communication and presentation skills will be assessed. Remember that your personal statement may be discussed in the interview.

Your interview panel will consist of two experts in the field of primary education.

Ready to start your application?