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Hibernia College celebrates 20 years of expertise in blended learning. Our programmes incorporate the best of both online and traditional education. We pioneer new teaching methodologies with our award-winning model of blended learning and the College remains on the cutting edge of initial teacher education with flexible, accessible programmes. We understand the value for students to stay close to home, save on commuting costs and remain active in their local communities. Furthermore, through the use of interactive and engaging technology, our students become digitally competent and empowered to incorporate digital innovations into their own teaching, learning and assessment.


Students engage in two modes of online learning: live online tutorials and self-paced online learning.


Online tutorials are small group sessions with usually 20–25 students and their tutor simultaneously logged into the Zoom virtual classroom application. Webinars are live lecture-style classes or information sessions with a larger class size also occurring in Zoom. All live sessions are accessible from desktop computers and mobile devices including iPhone, iPad and Android devices and are recorded and accessible for playback and revision purposes.


Self-paced online learning takes place in the College’s virtual learning environment (VLE), MyHELMS. Students complete various learning activities such as readings, quizzes and discussion forums using pre-recorded presentations and resources.



Face-to-face learning is an essential complement to the online component of our blended learning programmes. Students engage in school placements to gain professional teaching experience. Students also meet face-to-face at regularly scheduled intervals in locations across the country.


As a Hibernia College student, you are part of a supportive online and offline community. Students connect conveniently with fellow classmates through online tutorials and discussions. Face-to-face events provide valuable opportunities to deepen peer relationships. Graduates of our programmes find lifelong professional support in their fellow alumni,
Hibernia College Alumni Association.


The College is committed to creating positive and supportive learning environments for students online and offline. Students receive academic support from their tutors and faculty. The Programme Administration team is the first line of support for non-academic queries and the Technical Support team is there for any queries relating to the VLE or use of technology. The College offers pastoral support and a free private counselling service to all students.