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Gillen Motherway

PhD Student

The level of supervision and support I've received as a PhD candidate at Hibernia College has been second to none. In enrolling on the PhD programme here, I have experienced a friendly and research-orientated atmosphere that has helped me progress my study. There is plenty of opportunities to investigate a wide subject area and my supervisors have been extremely attentive and knowledgeable throughout. 10-03-2016

Aimee Ward

PME in Primary Education

I have enjoyed the course thoroughly so far and I can’t wait to begin my first teaching placement in four months’ time. When you know what you want to study, the next step is to find the college which is the right fit for you. Personally Hibernia College felt right for me. I was able to research everything, attend a webinar and receive replies to questions I had all whilst living on a different continent! The online accessibility made everything so easy. I am enjoying my Masters course and I look forward to what is to come in the future with Hibernia College. 08-02-2016

Damien Lonergan

PME in Post Primary Education

I studied the Professional Master of Education in Post-Primary Education with Hibernia College. I finished this course in April 2016. It was a challenging but enjoyable experience. The tutors that Hibernia College use have plenty of experience in the education sector. This was something that I thought was very important when I was deciding who to study with. They all draw from their years of experience and help prepare you for different scenarios that you might experience as a teacher in school. Due to the training that I received, I am capable to deal with any situation in the classroom with ease. I would not have been able to achieve what I have as a Researcher and as a Teacher without the guidance and support of Hibernia College. 09-09-2016

Antoinette McGuinness

Higher Diploma in Arts in Primary Education

Having spent a successful 10 year career in Banking, I always harboured a 'grá' for teaching. People told me I was 'mad' to consider it. At the time there was no jobs out there which was another reason for me not to consider it. But I was headstrong. I had a gut feeling teaching was for me, and I didn't let anything (or anyone) get in my way. I won the INTO Vere Foster award for best result in Teaching Practice for Hibernia College over the three teaching practice modules. I was amazed and delighted to win this prize! I loved being in the classroom on Teaching Practice. It is very intense but once you plan well, it makes it easier. If you forge a good relationship with the class, it makes the whole experience a really enjoyable one for everyone involved. Planning is key. Yes it is very hard work, but believe me, if I can do it with two babies, anybody can! 13-01-2016

Kieran Daly

Higher Diploma in Arts in Primary Education

I studied the Higher Diploma Postgraduate in Primary School Teaching. I found it a wonderful experience especially as it’s a blended learning programme, the mixture of onsite and online was particularly advantageous. My cohort Cork A 2013, we immediately clicked as a group and there was a real balance of personalities and characters. Especially with the element of the long distance learning it was important to have that support and that comradery. That was definitely the thing I enjoyed most. As a married father of three children, the challenge was definitely trying to balance work life and your family responsibility and obligations and at the same time trying to do your best and get the volume of course work completed at the best of your ability. Immediately as a result of doing the Hibernia College postgraduate programme, I was fortunate enough to receive a primary school position which I’m thoroughly enjoying and it’s going very well. 11-11-2015

Claire Tuttlebee

Professional Diploma in Education

I graduated with a Professional Diploma of Education from Hibernia College in 2013. What I really enjoyed most about doing the course was meeting with my tutor groups and also the subject methodology. I also enjoyed the online tutorials. The course was structured very well. The fact that our lectures were on Saturdays worked well again as my husband could mind the children and I could go to college. After the course, I secured a position in a local boys school which I really enjoy. I particularly like using active teaching methodologies, especially in a boys school as they‘re not just sitting down learning things by heart. I would definitely recommend the course. The standard of education is really high. It’s all the latest teaching methodologies so therefore when you go into school and you hear about project maths or about incorporating literacy and numeracy in schools, it’s all been covered with Hibernia College. 15-11-2013