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Ann Whelan

PME in Primary Education - Westmeath, AU18

My decision to become a primary school teacher stemmed from my own love of learning. I am very lucky to be surrounded by many family members who are primary school teachers and could see first-hand how rewarding the job is. When the opportunity arose to retrain, I knew that I wanted to be able to instil the same love of learning in future generations.

Mary Collins

PME in Primary Education - Roscommon, SP18

I had heard about the Professional Master’s in Primary Education from Hibernia College and I met a number of excellent teachers who had come through that route and who wholeheartedly advised me to pursue it. Once I made the decision to apply to Hibernia, my life changed for the better, and I am over the moon that I completed the PMEP and have the opportunity to work with wonderful children. If you feel a real grá for working with children and supporting them to reach their full potential and develop into well-rounded citizens, then the PMEP is for you. It is a challenging course and you will need the support of family and friends. I would recommend engaging in all the on-site days and make friends with others in your cohort as their support will be invaluable. Enjoy every minute of it.

Marie D’Arcy

PME in Primary Education - Meath, SP17

I was lucky to meet a fantastic group of students on the same journey and we were a constant source of support to each other. Attendance at on-sites and tutorials helped me not only to access the advice of tutors but also gave opportunities to meet with other students and discuss workload, assignments and school placement.

Tim Behan

PME in Primary Education - Kilkenny, SP17

I chose Hibernia college mainly due to the flexible nature of the programme. Having a young family meant that it was not feasible for me to return to college full time. The flexible nature of the Hibernia programme offered me the perfect opportunity to complete my studies in order to fulfill my ambition of becoming a primary school teacher. I finally took the plunge to commence my studies with Hibernia college in 2017. It is a decision that I’m glad I made as I am really enjoying my new career as a primary school teacher. I would highly recommend Hibernia college, the PME programme allowed me to achieve my goal of becoming a primary school teacher. The course content was informative and interesting and you also get to meet some great people along the way. Don’t be afraid to take the plunge and go for it. I’m glad that I did.

Grace Chawke

PME in Primary Education - Limerick, AU16

Hibernia was the only college that I applied to because it allowed me the flexibility to study at my convenience and to continue to stay at home with my daughters who were 3 and 1 when I started the course. Overall, I would say that the two years were challenging but extremely rewarding and I am very happy at this stage to have graduated and I love my job!

Rachel Moloney

PME in Post-Primary Education - Madrid, Spain, AU18

I chose Hibernia because I knew the standard of education and training provided by the college, and in particular the tutors, was excellent. It also allowed me, as a mature student, the option to continue to work a flexible schedule and support myself while earning my teaching qualification.

Genevieve Taylor

PME in Post-Primary Education - Dublin, SP18

Hibernia College, with its blended learning and digital platform was the only choice for me as it enabled me to juggle the demands of family life, while participating fully in the PME programme. I surprised even myself by how much I love and enjoy teaching and it brings to mind an old adage – do something you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life!

Mary Mehigan

PME in Post-Primary Education - Limerick, SP17

I chose Hibernia College because the blended learning environment suited my need for flexibility. I researched the programme and it was really well structured with highly relevant content. You learn remotely but are part of an active learning community who meet once or twice a week online and once a fortnight or so face to face. The lecturers and tutors are very accessible and responsive through email and by phone. Also the online learning environment enhanced my digital literacy which was critically important for me going forward. I am delighted with the decision to do the PME. It has been a game changer for me.

Aidan Hughes

PME in Post-Primary Education - Monaghan, SP17

Removing the mystery of foreign languages for young people, and seeing them glow with pride after they are able to introduce themselves in either German or French has given me a job satisfaction I have been missing for 30 years. I chose Hibernia College because it offered me the flexibility to study which was invaluable to me.

Damien Lonergan

PME in Post-Primary Education - SP14

I studied the Professional Master of Education in Post-Primary Education with Hibernia College. I finished this course in April 2016. It was a challenging but enjoyable experience. The tutors that Hibernia College use have plenty of experience in the education sector. This was something that I thought was very important when I was deciding who to study with. They all draw from their years of experience and help prepare you for different scenarios that you might experience as a teacher in school. Due to the training that I received, I am capable to deal with any situation in the classroom with ease. I would not have been able to achieve what I have as a Researcher and as a Teacher without the guidance and support of Hibernia College.