About Blended Learning

Leader in Blended Learning

Hibernia College has been delivering educational programmes through blended learning since 2000. Our students engage with technology to become digitally competent and empowered to incorporate digital innovations into their professions.

We understand the value of students staying close to home, saving on commuting costs and remaining active in their local communities. With our award-winning blended learning model and use of cutting-edge technology, our
flexible programmes incorporate the best of both online and traditional education while meeting all required professional and academic standards.

Blended learning involves a combination of interactive online content and traditional face-to-face instruction.

Benefits of Blended Learning

  • Flexibility and autonomy — more control over where, when and how you learn
  • 24/7 access to online content and the online library
  • Access to content on mobile devices
  • Modern, interactive and engaging content in a variety of formats
  • Material made available before class
  • Inclusive learning environment and educational opportunities
  • Builds digital competence
  • Enhanced collaborative learning and research activities
  • Vibrant online communities across geographical locations to support students
  • Savings on accommodation and commuting costs

We are a recognised leader in
blended learning education.

We are constantly building on our experience and knowledge of the latest educational technologies, and our innovative blended learning programmes develop the knowledge and skills that are key to our students’ professional success.  

What You Can Expect When Studying at Hibernia College 

A typical blended learning programme at Hibernia College includes:

Innovative, Interactive Content

Our programme content is relevant and responsive to society’s needs. It is presented in an innovative, interactive manner, including audio, video, animations, simulations, readings, visuals, scenarios, online chat and discussion forums, and many other engaging formats. 

Our students also have access to a digital library, which they can access 24/7, and various student support services.

Virtual Learning Environment

The College has invested significantly in making our learning environment as user-friendly, inclusive and interactive as possible with a strong focus on building a sense of community. Furthermore, it is accessible on different devices, including smartphones and tablets. 

Digital Library

Hibernia College students can access our fully online library from any location at any time. We offer unlimited user access to hundreds of thousands of books, journal articles and other materials

Our library team helps students navigate these resources and facilitates a welcoming online environment.

Educational Technology

We use the latest cutting-edge technology, including Moodle, Zoom, Mahara, Cohort app (our online communication and collaboration tool), Office 365, Visible Body and Articulate.

These tools, and others, have enabled us to build an inclusive and immersive infrastructure that allows everywhere, on-demand learning at Hibernia College.

Cohort App

Hibernia College Cohort enables Hibernia College students to collaborate with each other in shared workspaces for learning and research on all their devices, wherever they are. It also brings students and educators together by allowing for more personalised, private and secure interactions between staff, lecturers and students in shared learning contexts.

Students can download this app from the Apple App Store and Google Play.