Hibernia College Digital Library

Welcome to the library

The library provides information sources and services in support of the College’s teaching, learning and research programmes. Hibernia College students can access our fully online library from any location at any time. We offer unlimited user access to hundreds of thousands of books, journal articles and other materials.

The library team helps students navigate resources and facilitates a welcoming online environment. We offer services and hands-on support to provide the best experience for students. The library is designed to provide intuitive and easy access to our resources and services, and the information you need to optimise your use of the library.

To provide the best experience for our students, we offer a number of supports and services.

Hands-on student support includes:

  • Addressing individual student queries by email, phone and over Zoom
  • Bespoke student webinars on topics such as using the library and advanced search skills
  • Regular academic writing and referencing workshops
Digital Library