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How to prepare for the Irish Interview

Applicants who wish to gain entry into the Professional Master of Education in Primary Education must sit a competitive interview. This 30 minute interview includes a general interview which assesses students’ suitability to teach and their knowledge of teaching alongside a 10-12 minute Gaeilge interview which assesses their ability in Gaeilge. As a core subject of the primary school curriculum, a good command of Gaeilge is necessary to undertake this programme of study.

Irish Video - Examples of Responses

Applicants will be welcomed to the college at reception and will be directed to a waiting area. Once called, prospective students will be brought to the interview room where they will meet two examiners. One examiner will focus on a general interview conducted in English and the other examiner will ask questions in Irish. Applicants choose whether they begin with the Gaeilge component or the English component first.

Watch the video below to see the best responses to some of the more common questions that come up in the Gaeilge interview. Remember that these responses are of a high standard where a student has a background/degree in Gaeilge.

Resources and Preparation

Prospective students of the primary programme are encouraged to prepare well in advance of their Gaeilge interview. While confidence can indeed be key, students are assessed in terms of their communicative skills, their Gaeilge accuracy, their vocabulary and their general fluency. Examiners are well trained in spotting scripted responses, and we encourage applicants to develop their Gaeilge in a natural way in order to be able to handle left field questions. Please find below some useful resources that can prove useful when applying to the PMEP:

  • Gaelchultúr/Coláiste na hÉireann provide an online course tailored to the needs of applicants to the PME. This course is accessible from anywhere in Ireland and is full of useful vocabulary, grammar, and tips in relation to the interview.
  • Ciorcail chomhrá, or conversational circles, are informal Gaeilge meet-ups which can prove useful to applicants who want to meet other Gaeilgeoirí face-to-face to chat.
  • if you are looking to improve your vocabulary, take a look at this new resource aimed at current affairs through Irish. If you are having difficulty with the Irish here, go visit and look through its online dictionary.

Previous successful candidates have also found private tuition or grinds helpful in preparing for the Gaeilge component of the PME interview. Students are encouraged to speak as much Gaeilge as possible with anyone who will listen – talk to yourself, even! Speaking Gaeilge for 10-15 minutes a day a few months before the interview and then 30 minutes a day two weeks before will inspire confidence before you sit your interview – bain triail aisti!

Sample Questions

Take a look at the sample questions below. In the lead up to the interview why not jot down the questions here on flash cards placing them face down on your desk. Then, using the recording software app on your mobile phone, read the question out loud and try to respond for 2-3 minutes per question. Have a listen back once it has been recorded. Remember to try to speak as much as you can during the interview. Wait for the examiner to stop you!

Cá bhfuil tú i do chónaí? Inis dúinn faoi do bhaile féin.

Inis dúinn faoin mbunchéim atá agat.

Cén fáth ar mhaith leat a bheith i do bhunmhúinteoir?

An ndearna tú mórán taistil i do shaol go dtí seo?

Inis dom faoi na caithimh aimsire atá agat.

An dtaitníonn teicneolaíocht leat? An mbaineann tú úsáid as Facebook?


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