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Interview for the PME in Post-Primary Education

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Do you want to become a post-primary teacher? Don’t wait to submit your application for the Spring 2023 intake of the Professional Master of Education (PME) in Post-Primary Education. By submitting your application now, your documents will be among the first to be reviewed and you can begin preparing for interview. Give yourself time to make any necessary changes and source the documents you need. The closing date is 9 February. Read on to learn about the PME in Post-Primary Education interview.

PMEPP Interview

PME in Post-Primary Interview

All applicants who have been deemed to have met the entry requirements, submitted a fully completed application form with supporting documentation and have confirmed their final results and paid the application fee will be invited to interview.

During the interview, you will be assessed on your motivation and suitability to teach, your subject knowledge, your preparation and your teaching competencies. You will need to have fully researched Hibernia College and the PME in Post-Primary Education.

The PME in Post-Primary interview is approximately 30 minutes in length. At the start of the interview, you’ll be asked to present on a topic of interest from the Junior or Senior Cycle curriculum. This presentation must be a minimum of two minutes and a maximum of three minutes in length. The topic must be related to your first subject choice. If one of your subject choices is a language, part of the interview will take place in that language. You can visit curriculum online to review Junior and Senior Cycle curricula and prepare your topic presentation in advance.

Interview Scheduling

Interviews for the PME in Post-Primary Education are scheduled based on your subject choices, requiring specialists in both of your subjects to sit on your interview panel. As such, interviews are limited. While interviews for Spring 2023 will commence in December, please note that wait times for interviews will vary depending on your chosen subject(s). Applicants are typically given seven days’ notice of their scheduled interview. If you are unavailable to interview at the time offered, we cannot guarantee an alternative time. We will endeavour to provide early applicants with additional notice when possible, so do apply when your documents are ready so that you have more time to prepare.

Your Time to Shine

The interview is your opportunity to show that you possess the skills, interest and enthusiasm for your chosen subject(s) and the teaching profession. You should demonstrate that you have investigated both of your subjects (where you have chosen two subjects) and have given thought to teaching at different levels to different class groups. Provide evidence of your effective planning, responsiveness, interpersonal and reflective skills, along with other teaching competencies.

Attend a Webinar

Learn more about the PME in Post-Primary interview and what you can do to prepare at one of our webinars, which are accessible from any digital device. Part of your interview will cover your knowledge of the programme, so we recommend that all applicants attend at least one webinar. Register your attendance at an upcoming webinar here.

If you have any queries about the documents needed, the Subject Declaration Form or interview, contact our Enrolment Advisors by email at or ring (0)1 661 0168 (option 2). If post-primary teaching is your dream, submit your application today!

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