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Interview for the PME in Primary Education

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Is it your dream to become a primary school teacher? If so, what are you waiting for? Primary school children need imaginative and empathetic educators. If you are ready to interview for the Professional Master of Education (PME) in Primary Education, apply now. Interviews for the Spring 2023 intake are currently being scheduled. Submit your application and get your interview scheduled, and you will know if you have a place on the programme. The closing date for applications is 9 February. Read on to learn more about the PME in Primary Education interview.

PMEP Interview

PME in Primary Interview

All applicants who have been deemed to have met the entry requirements, submitted a fully completed application form with supporting documentation and paid the application fee will be invited to interview.

The PME in Primary interview consists of a 20-minute general component in English and approximately 10 minutes of an Irish oral component. Applicants can choose whether they begin with the general or the Irish component. Your interview panel will consist of two interviewers, both of whom are experienced teachers.

In the general interview component, you will be asked about your PME application. The interview questions and topics are varied, with the aim of giving you the opportunity to demonstrate your communication skills, motivation, interpersonal skills, organisation and planning, preparation and professionalism, and your suitability to teach. Some questions may also refer to your personal statement. The interviewer will probe your ability to demonstrate excellent oral language skills and to go beyond pre-prepared content. You will need to have fully researched Hibernia College and the PME in Primary Education. We recommend that all applicants attend at least one Primary (PME) webinar.

We advise against focusing on specific questions that could arise because this can lead you to being ill-prepared for the interview should these questions not be asked. Rather, we advise that you prepare by considering how you might demonstrate the above skills and thinking of examples of situations where you have done so in the past. Also, ensure to listen to the question(s) being asked of you on the day.

Irish Oral Component

The Irish oral component is a 10-minute dialogue that assesses your use of tense and grammar, your vocabulary and verb usage, and your general level of comfort speaking the language. You will be asked questions about a variety of topics such as your interests, why you want to be a primary school teacher, your undergraduate degree, the Irish language and how you prepared for the interview.

If you have completed the TEG B1 oral exam within the last two years and achieved a score of 65% or higher, please upload a copy of your TEG certificate to your application and you will only be required to interview in the general interview component.

Learn More

Learn more about the PME in Primary interview and what you can do to prepare at one of our webinars, which are accessible from any digital device. Register your attendance at an upcoming webinar here.

If you have any queries about the interview or the documents required to apply, our Enrolment Advisors are here to help. You can schedule a call at a time most convenient for you. If primary teaching is your dream, submit your application today.

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