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Academic Excellence

We are committed to providing qualifications of the highest quality that meet the highest accreditation standards and which are provided through excellence in teaching, learning, research, engagement and support. Our career-focused educational qualifications provide the highest level of academic excellence to prepare our students with real-world experience. Our commitment to quality pervades all aspects of programme design and assessment.

Accessible and Transformative Education

We provide motivated learners access to a high-quality, world-class education, which allows them to achieve their career goals and aspirations. We strive to provide a transformative educational experience in order to create “intentional learners” who can adapt to new environments, integrate knowledge from difference sources and continue learning throughout their lives.


Our innovative approach is driven by an understanding that higher educational delivery must be managed in a fiscally sustainable model, enabling the College to secure resources and infrastructure to achieve and strengthen its mission. Our innovative course design and flexible delivery models are defined by the evolving needs of the global student community and ensure that our qualifications meet the needs of adult learners and professional bodies regardless of geographic location.

Student Experience

We provide a unique and rewarding learning environment for our students, designed to create a lively, open and inspiring atmosphere which is conducive to personal learning and growth We serve as catalysts to transform the academic experience to meet the needs of students. We are compelled to deliver an academic experience that is highly relevant and enriching to our students’ lives.


We recognise the expertise of all members of the College community and encourage individual contribution. We will: Include stakeholders in the decisions that affect them. Treat people with dignity and encourage feelings of self-worth. Promote trust through professional courtesy and fair treatment. Encourage, recognise and support employee and student contributions.