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Supporting you to success in your studies at Hibernia College


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  • The Knowledge Base

    The Hibernia College Knowledge Base is a comprehensive resource maintained by the team. It contains answers to commonly asked questions regarding MyHELMS, Blackboard Collaborate and the College Library, as well as Academic Administration queries. It has a powerful search engine and you can also browse the articles.

  • Library

    Students at have access to an extensive online library and librarian.

  • Quality Assurance Manuals

    Click here to view the college quality assurance manuals.

  • Technical Support Desk

    The Technical Team are here to answer any technical queries. We can assist you on a variety of IT related queries such as: Accessing webinars and tutorials using Blackboard Collaborate Uploading and submitting your work Accessing and engaging with your course content Passwords and Profile updates

  • Academic Administration Team

    This team is your main point of contact on student matters throughout the programme. We can help you on a variety of queries including: Exams and Assessments School Experience Onsite workshops Graduation General Queries

  • Fees

    Our Finance team provide an efficient, effective and professional financial service to all students with regard to the administration of student fees.

Student Support Officer

The Student Support Officer (SSO) provides non-academic support to students who are experiencing difficulties during the programme.

Please contact the SSO if you are:

  • Looking for information on non-academic supports
  • Declaring reasonable accommodation requirements
  • Seeking information on our deferral procedure
  • Seeking information on our disability policy
  • Seeking information on our maternity policy
  • Seeking information on our extenuating circumstances and appeals policies


Student Counsellor

We understand that studying can be stressful and at times, the Student Counselling Service is here to help and support you in your academic progress if you experience any personal issues or difficulties during your programme of student. This is a confidential service freely available to all students. Online counselling seeks to help by exploring, clarifying and resolving issues that may be troubling or confusing you. Examples may be anxiety, stress, panic attacks, depression, exam nerves, family and relationship issues, decision making, dilemmas, phobias, procrastination, time management, obsessive thoughts or compulsive behaviours.

Academic writing and learning supports

Hibernia College provides students with a wide range of academic writing and learning supports. Resources are posted to the student virtual learning environment (MyHELMs) on an ongoing basis. Students can then access and engage with the material at their own pace.

Supports for students with disabilities and/or learning difficulties

Hibernia College is committed to providing students with disabilities and/or learning difficulties a fair learning environment in which to undertake our programmes. This means that where relevant, we can provide reasonable accommodations, such as extra time, a scribe for examinations, etc.  Please contact the Student Support Officer for details on how you can apply for reasonable accommodation status.

Maternity Policy

The College operates a recommended minimum maternity break period whereby a pregnant student, having disclosed her date of confinement, is recommended to break from her studies for a minimum of two weeks before and four weeks after her date of confinement. For more information on this policy, please contact the Student Support Officer.

Deferral Policy

This policy is based on the duty of care principle that the College holds towards all enrolled students. All students undertaking an accredited programme of study have the right to apply for a deferral, where there are relevant circumstances, and its processing will be subject to the College deferral policy. A deferral is where a student may in certain circumstances be granted permission to interrupt their studies and return at a later agreed date to complete with their own cohort or with a subsequent cohort. There are two deferral types:

  • A whole programme deferral is where a student takes an unavoidable break from study and joins a subsequent cohort for the completion of the programme. This may occur at a particular moment in time where a student cannot complete the programme as a whole or where a particular module cannot be completed and the rules around the module’s completion necessitates a whole programme deferral. This type of deferral mandates a very formal process which will be recorded in the formal student record.
  • A component deferral is where a student completes part of a module with an alternative cohort or through special arrangements outside the normal timetable of the cohort in which they are a registered student, but nevertheless remains part of the original cohort with potential to graduate at the same time. This type of deferral occurs at a local programme level, and is not recorded in the formal student record.

Please contact the Student Support Officer for more information.

Academic Excellence

We are committed to providing qualifications of the highest quality that meet the highest accreditation standards and which are provided through excellence in teaching, learning, research, engagement and support. Our career-focused educational qualifications provide the highest level of academic excellence to prepare our students with real-world experience. Our commitment to quality pervades all aspects of programme design and assessment.

Accessible and Transformative Education

We provide motivated learners access to a high-quality, world-class education, which allows them to achieve their career goals and aspirations. We strive to provide a transformative educational experience in order to create “intentional learners” who can adapt to new environments, integrate knowledge from difference sources and continue learning throughout their lives.


Our innovative approach is driven by an understanding that higher educational delivery must be managed in a fiscally sustainable model, enabling the College to secure resources and infrastructure to achieve and strengthen its mission. Our innovative course design and flexible delivery models are defined by the evolving needs of the global student community and ensure that our qualifications meet the needs of adult learners and professional bodies regardless of geographic location.

Student Experience

We provide a unique and rewarding learning environment for our students, designed to create a lively, open and inspiring atmosphere which is conducive to personal learning and growth We serve as catalysts to transform the academic experience to meet the needs of students. We are compelled to deliver an academic experience that is highly relevant and enriching to our students’ lives.


We recognise the expertise of all members of the College community and encourage individual contribution. We will: Include stakeholders in the decisions that affect them. Treat people with dignity and encourage feelings of self-worth. Promote trust through professional courtesy and fair treatment. Encourage, recognise and support employee and student contributions.