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Research Webinar with Dr Gergely Rakoczi

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The 2022 Research Webinar Series continued with a presentation on 18 May, featuring Dr Gergely Rakoczi. Dr Rakoczi is Head of the Digital Teaching and Learning Service Unit of TU Wien, Austria’s largest research and educational institution in the field of technology and natural sciences. We were delighted to host Dr Rakoczi as part of a 2022 Erasmus+ exchange.

Digital Technology in Education

This Erasmus+ exchange was an opportunity for Hibernia College and TU Wien to share best practices on the use of digital technologies in education and to explore potential collaborations between the institutions. The webinar and Dr Rakoczi’s visit provided an opportunity to learn from his insights and experience in the fascinating area of digital teaching and learning research.

Eye Tracking and E-Learning

Eye tracking & e-learning: what and how do students see? was the title of Dr Rakoczi’s webinar. He discussed his PhD research on eye tracking in the context of e-learning — specifically, the eye movements of learners when interacting with Moodle. Dr Rakoczi shared the outcomes from his studies and his reflections on the methodology of eye tracking in the context of e-learning design.

View the presentation at this link.

Dr Gergely Rakoczi

Dr Gergely Rakoczi has over ten years of experience in the field of e-learning. His research interests are e-learning design, eye movement analysis, user interface design (Moodle), multimedia learning, education with virtual reality and 360-degree content, and technology-enhanced teaching, in general.

This presentation was part of a series of research-focused webinars hosted by Dr Carol-Ann O’Síoráin, Dr Jean Henefer and Irene O’Dowd for Hibernia College students and faculty who are exploring research in the field of education — particularly, the importance of research in the contemporary classroom. Read more about the previous Research Webinar Series presentation.

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