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Using Digital Technologies to Promote Inclusive Learning and Teaching Practices 

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As part of the National Seminar Series, Dr John Meegan presented on the topic of ‘Using Digital Technologies to Promote Inclusive Learning and Teaching Practices’. He was joined by Justin Staunton from the Digital Learning Department. The National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education hosts its annual National Seminar Series to enable national and international experts on different areas of teaching and learning to exchange information and ideas and to create opportunities for those working in higher education to connect.

Technology and Inclusivity in Teaching and Learning

Dr John Meegan led the seminar for educators involved in initial teacher preparation and teacher professional development. He encouraged participants to consider and apply the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to promote and implement inclusive teaching and learning approaches. The practical seminar included contributions from the Association for Higher Education Access and Disability (AHEAD). There was a focus on current practices at Hibernia College in the meaningful and inclusive design of content as well as the use of digital technologies in teaching and learning to support UDL principles. Consideration was also given to the opportunities and challenges associated with this practice.

Participants explored how a range of digital technologies can support inclusive practices and provide flexibility in how information is presented, learners are engaged, and learners respond or demonstrate knowledge and skills in a blended learning environment. They reflected on and shared current uses of digital technologies to enhance teaching, learning and assessment in initial teacher education in the context of a blended learning environment — ultimately, to support inclusion and learner success.

Using a UDL Lens

At Hibernia College, the UDL framework is fundamental to the design and delivery of programmes. Through the delivery of a flexible pedagogical model, Dr Meegan shared how Hibernia College addresses students’ variability and diversity with a UDL lens.

The presentation was one of the last of this academic year’s National Seminar Series 2021/22. You will be able to view and register for events in the National Seminar Series 2022/23 here.

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